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Mini Storage

We are proud to offer self-storage at our warehouse located in Abbotsford.  After years of being asked if we have storage, we're so happy to be able to say YES!  Our storage lockers are 7 x 6 and rent out for $79/month.  The facility is secure, and heated.  In general, about 1.5 rooms of furniture can fit into 1 storage vault.  Included in this price is the use of 10 moving pads/locker at no charge.

If you choose Low Budget Moving to move you into storage, you will receive 1 FREE month of storage, with bookings of 4 months or longer!

Please call or email for availability.

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Moving dolly with boxes

Mini Storage

Office with moving boxes

Just like our philosophy of moving, we take pride in being open and honest, and giving our clients a clear picture of the information ahead of time.  For that reason, we publish our prices for mini storage.  We are happy to serve you with your storage needs, although if you need regular access to your belongings, it would be more convenient for you to rent from other mini storage providers.  We are happy to give you options for that if you call or email.  Our storage is done with wooden vaults that may need to be moved with a forklift to get access to, so it's a great option for those looking to store their items and not think about them again until they are ready to be moved.

Like our moving services, 25% of the profits of the storage goes to the non-profit organization called Food for the Hungry.  We are proud to partner with them as we specifically work with the community of Acul, Guatemala, seeking to help them become financially self-sufficient.  We have seen first hand the great work that is being done in Acul, and we are so thankful for your supporting us as we all work towards making things better in this world for those who could use a helping hand.  Great things are happening and we are excited for what the future will bring and the small contribution we can make.  Thanks so much for your role in this!