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Going green-becoming Low Budget Moving

Low Budget Moving TruckThis is the story of how Low Budget Moving began:

Like the transformation of our truck, the beginnings of Low Budget Moving had a colorful start... 

I was frustrated with the work situation I was in and wanted to have my own business.  So, I did what seemed natural to me....I looked for a business to buy on Craigslist.  Before going any further, let me assure you that this is normally a massive time waster.  However, I was fortunate to find a moving company for sale at a price that seemed very fair.  I made further inquiries and it turned out that the post had just been published 20 minutes earlier.  To make a long story short I purchased Low Budget Moving and began in May 2013-17 days after seeing it for sale.  Originally the business came with a small, old, small Uhaul truck, but that was upgraded, then painted and decaled.  For those interested, the color of paint on the truck is "creepy crawly".  The guy at the paint store said he's never sold that color of paint to anyone else.  The sole objective with choosing that color was to catch people's eyes - I wanted to make the phrase "you can't miss it" a literal one.  Special thanks to my brother Stephen, of Balzer's Brushing (an Abbotsford based residential painting company) for spraying the truck.

In the 2 years since purchasing this business, it has moved from Vancouver to being based out of Abbotsford, which is where I live, so I'm happy about that.  The majority of our work is in the Abbotsford, Langley and Mission areas. I love the work and love working with the various people this line of work allows us to interact with.