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Moving tips and tricks - dishes

Helpful tips and ideas for effectively preparing for your move.

Dishes got you stressing???

Low Budget Moving Tip:

1932471_292205344267550_1478824831_n.jpgPut Styrofoam plates in between real plates to absorb shock and keep them from breaking. Don't forget to pack them on the side as well.

Another option that does work, although not as securely, is to place newpaper between each plate or bowl.

A third option is to avoid packing at all and hire Low Budget Moving to pack and move you!  Our packers are very efficient and careful, and they know how to prepare things for the movers, so the moving day is as smooth as possible.  Who are we kidding, nobody likes to pack, or to move - so you may as well avoid it all and let us give you a hand.  Moving is one of the more stressful experiences in life, so think of the money you are paying us as an alternative to spending money on medication to lower your blood pressure.