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Top 3 factors when picking a moving company

What are the most important things to know when choosing movers?

Over the years we have been in business we have constantly asked our clients what made them choose us, rather than a different moving company, or doing it themselves? Here are some of those key observations.

The first factor to look at with a moving company is the online reviews. Not only will you want to look for companies with great reviews, you’ll also want to make sure there is a decent number of them, and they look legitimate. Beware of companies with perfect ratings who have less than 5 reviews. It’s very possible they’ve had friends or family members giving fake reviews for work that actually hasn’t occurred. I actually encountered this with our moving company as we had relatives who wanted to help me out by posting 5 star reviews. We hadn’t actually done any moving for them, so I asked that they take down the review because it wasn’t real.

Feel free to read over some of the reviews to see if they sound a little too technical or specific. If the reviewer is talking in depth about specific moving supplies, or the exact way the moving process works, it’s likely a fake review.

Here’s an example, “_________company could be the only company in the Fraser Valley that hires the best talent available. They are friendly, work hard and are very careful with your possessions.” Does that seem like an actual client would say that?

The same company that had this online review, had 9 other reviews on their website from the exact same date. The funny thing was, the most recent review before that took place over 10 months earlier. What are the odds of getting 0 reviews for 10 months and then literally getting 10 on the same day?

Ultimately, if a company has over 20 reviews and they seem like things actual clients would say, they probably are.

The second thing to look at is what your experience with this company has been like. Perhaps you filled out an online form, or send an email, or left a phone message. Were you responded to in a timely manner? Was the communication clear and professional? From that brief interaction, do you feel good about entrusting them to take care of your possessions on your moving day? Remember, this is the time when moving companies are probably going to be on their best behavior, as they try to win over your business. Is there best behavior really good? Hopefully, their interactions with you are friendly and they are patient to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you have a feeling in your gut that something feels off, listen to it. It’s sad how many times we get a phone call from someone who tells us their previously booked movers didn’t show up to do the move they had scheduled, and now they are unreachable. Often, we are unable to help out because we are already at our maximum capacity and can’t take on the last minute work.

The third factor to consider is price. Ultimately, if you can hire a company with great reviews, who treats you well, and can pay less than another company, why wouldn’t you hire them? Price shouldn’t be the only factor you look at, but nobody wants to spend more than they need to for any type of service. Make sure to ask the company to tell you all the fees they charge prior to choosing them. We hear stories all the time of people who discovered on their moving day all sorts of extra charges that they had never been made aware of. Travel time is a very common thing companies will charge, but fuel surcharges, or even paying extra for stairs, or heavy items can happen.

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