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Abbotsford to Prince George

Taking us out of the Fraser Valley

It was a great experience moving this lovely family from their Abbotsford home to Prince George.  It was a very smooth job that was spread over 2 days.  On the first day, we loaded the truck in the afternoon, then parked the truck overnight in Abbotsford.  This allowed an early morning start the next day, and were able to arrive in Prince George and unload the truck in the afternoon of the same day.  Low Budget Moving was able to keep the costs down by only having 1 mover drive to Prince George and back.  We got in touch with a moving company in Prince George (Hug Family Movers - they were wonderful!), and they provided a man to help with the unloading.  Because of this, the cost for this move was greatly reduced because we didn't have to pay the labor for an extra man for all those hours of driving.  If we are able to save money by using a technique like that, we pass that savings on to you, the customer.  We know you work hard for your money so we have no intention of wasting it.  This strategy, and transparency, has resulted in the majority of our work coming from word of mouth referrals and repeat customers,and we LOVE that!!