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Whether you are moving within Abbotsford, or going to another city within BC, how do you choose the moving company?  What factors are important to you?

One important factor when choosing a moving company is the uncertainty of whether or not that company is going to really care about the job they do.  If something does go wrong, will they make an effort to make it right, or will they take the money and run?

I hear stories about this kind of thing all the time, where people start a moving company with the idea of ripping people off and making a quick buck.  As a man who's lived nearly 30 years in Abbotsford, it's incredibly important to me that my company has a great reputation.  Whether we are moving you within Abbotsford, or to a place we'll never see you again, it's critical that we provide you with great service and a good experience.  We have been in business for 4 years, and if you look at our online reviews, you can tell that we try really hard to create happy customers.  I am able to look at any of our past customers straight in the eye because I know we have always done the right thing.  Even when there have been accidents, we have worked out a solution that the client was agreeable to.  Typically, that involves us doing far more than we are legally required to, but that's how important this is to me.  When choosing a local or long distance moving company, it's important to ask them what they will do if something unfortunate does happen during a move.  Also, looking at their online review is critical as well.

Is transparency important to you for a moving company?

We have tried to answer all your questions prior to you needing to cal us.  Our website has our hourly rates listed, and estimated times of different sized jobs.  Very few moving companies are upfront with their prices.  In fact, I have called or emailed every moving company in Abbotsford, inquiring what their hourly rates are, and only 2 replied back to me to let me know.  Usually, it's kept as a bit of a secret.  I'm not sure why, but I do know that the 2 companies that replied have hourly rates that are $21 and $26/hour higher than our prices.  We offer great value and service, and our proud of that, so we put it publicly on our website.

When clients do call me on the phone, I go over all the details of the move with them, so they aren't blindsided by any charges.  If we didn't talk about a certain charge over the phone, it will not be charged.  This is another way we are intentionally different than much of our competition of Abbotsford movers.

To summarize, if you want transparency, value, and a company that cares, do your research and call 3 companies.  Whichever one makes you feel the most comfortable is probably the one you'll have the best experience with.