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Piano moves

There are people who ask every week, "Do you guys move pianos?"

Absolutely, we sure do move pianos!  Every month we are moving pianos, and in all the jobs we have done there has not been 1 incident of damage to the piano.  That is something we are proud of and will continue to work hard and take extra care to make sure it stays that way.

Moving a piano on your own may seem like a good idea and a way to save money.  I'm here to tell are probably right.  It is very possible to move a piano on your own, and it's also possible that it will save you money, however, we have moved enough pianos for people who told us horror stories of the last time they moved a piano that I thought it may be wise to inform you of the risks.

The majority of pianos that we move are from people who had moved the same piano a few years earlier, and things went poorly so they didn't want to do it again.  Back pain and damage to the walls or stairs are the most common reason for them hiring someone to move it for them.  There is specialized equipment we use to move pianos, that makes the job a lot easier and reduces risk significantly.

The price for us to move a piano is typically in the $250-$400 range, depending on the number of stairs involved and how local the job is.  If you figure that a visit to a physiotherapist is in the $60-$80 range, you can see that this may be a time when spending some money could save you money and pain in the future.

So, next time you or your friends need to move a piano, really visualize the feeling of being on the bottom of the stairs, with all the weight of a piano on you and trying to push it toward the sky with all your strength.  If that seems like fun to you, enjoy!  Otherwise, let us handle it for you.