So we all know that damages dented profit this month, there for there is no potential for bonuses. But two things...

1) JULY 1ST is a new quarter... New beginning and you are at the MAX potential from day #1 to earn a bonus for this quarter. Remember that damages play a KEY FACTOR for the entire team. Individually you all need to earn the MAX points to receive the top % of your max earnings. (If you need a new copy of the point program, reach out to the office for a copy) !

2) It SUCKS that I cannot pay bonus this quarter! Believe it of not I actually look forward to paying out bonuses! Why you ask? It means that as a company we're making MONEY! I already know that you all deserve to make BONUS... But if there are DAMAGES - that digs into that potential. THAT BEING SAID! I know it's not much... But Curtis and I both appreciate you all. This paycheck you will see a bonus for $30.00 which could be $300-$600 (in the future) if we get damages under control. I wanted to add that additional $30.00 as a thank you, and dinner on us for your next meal out.

Thank you for everything that you all do. We are very lucky to have a great team of employees, and we value each and everyone one of you!

Best regards, Eric C.

Operations Manager.

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