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Microsoft Toolkit 5.9.6 Final (W welbpetr




To download the notebook, open Google Colab and then press Run, choose Python 3. When you have finished, press the upload button to upload the model to Google Cloud. Q: What is the meaning of "sure as wine" in this context? The first mention of wine in the Bible is Genesis 2:7 when God tells Adam and Eve to eat fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil: Now the man had become like one of us, knowing good and evil. (ESV) I don't really get the meaning of this phrase. I don't understand the parallelism with the phrase "sure as rain" and "sure as a clock" in Matthew 24:36. What does the phrase "sure as wine" mean? A: "Sure as wine" means just as certain, as confirmed, as certain, as sure as, similar to, with, or as. It is used in the sense of "certainly", "certainly and definitely", "sure and certain", "absolutely" and "to a T". The Hebrew text here is שהוא כסוריו as 'as wine', and it means כסוריו (with great certainty) or כסוריו בהחלטה, בהחלטה בדבר (in absolute certainty). The "as" or parallelism to wine is because of its nature of being liquid and inebriating. The parallelism with rain is that it does not necessarily make it very sure, but it does make it very certain. The parallelism with a clock is that it is a very sure thing. The parallelism to wine is the sensory perception of the liquid and its effect on the drinker's state of mind. We can imagine God saying to Adam and Eve, "Now the man has become like one of you, knowing good and evil. As you know good and evil, so you will perceive that the fruit is as certain as wine." Another parallel might be "The earth is as sure as a clock, and its years are measured by the passage of time." The clock metaphor implies its inherent reliability, and its position as an abstract idea instead of an object. But the literal sense of "certain" ("it cannot




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Microsoft Toolkit 5.9.6 Final (W welbpetr

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